VegeHub - Firware Version Notes

1.0.16/9/2018First Production Release.
  • Redesign/Bug-fix of USB Interface.
  • Fixed issues with provisioning while USB is connected.
  • Overhauled the socket/server system, making the web interface significantly more stable.
  • Fixed bug where failure on first attempt at server connection resulted in no delay before next attempt.
  • Added milti-channel capability and added individual channel customization.
  • Added support for IP address entry in server address.
  • Added Api Key to user inputs for custom server.
  • Fixed bug where being in edge trigger mode made EepromValuesInit() try to modify the RTC before the RTC had been created, causing a complete failure in init.
  • Fixed bug where ThingSpeak setup wasn't saving the channel_id.
  • Fixed problem with ADC frequently reading battery voltage.
  • Added factory reset when holding WiFi and Setup buttons on startup.
  • Fixed Adafruit updates appending a number to the end of single channels.
  • Fixed send update button to work correctly when all channels are in trigger mode.
  • Fixed problem with power consumption. Floating pin for button left over from hardware change was causing extra power consumption. ~60uA.
  • Fixed EEPROM saving of channel setup.
  • Fixed problem with web interface not changing between channels on 4 channel boards.
  • Fixed problem sending trigger updates to thingspeak where values would not be logged due to duplicate timestamp with battery voltage.
  • Fixed possible failure to send value of ADC on trigger channel in case of trigger update.
  • Fixed bug where server type not being saved to EEPROM when setting up vegecloud as server. Note: There is a workaround for units in the field: set up vegecloud, then save, then go to the settings page and push apply. This will save all values to EEPROM including the server type.
  • Fixed bug where button interrupts were accidentally getting disabled when initializing sensor interrupts.
  • Added in testing jig code.
  • Fixed USB interface. Multiple problems with interactions and multiple bugs.
  • Fixed bug where update could not be set more than 16 hours from now. Now allowed to set any time up to 40 years from now.
  • Added readout on home page of the time until the next update.
  • Put more checks on settings page to make sure settings are within range.
  • Modified test sequence to correct for false negatives on voltage readings.
  • Broadened the scope of acceptable battery reading voltages.
  • Changed code optimization level to compensate for apparent compiler bug in debug level code optimization.
  • CRITICAL UPDATE to Versions 1.5 and 1.6.
  • Patched time conversions. Updates where getting set to 65000 years, resulting in no sampling.
  • MAJOR UPDATE - IP address written to a file on a flash drive.
  • Save file to indicate IP address of device (ipaddress.txt)
  • Added support for relays, including the web interface, the scheduling, and checking conditionals.
  • Added web conditionals to the relay system.
  • Added support for improved power supply
  • Added USB mass storage functionality allowing saving of files to a flash drive.
  • Save file containing all data gathered while drive was connected (data.csv)
  • Save log file of errors or failures (log.txt)
  • Moved to new WINC firmware to stabilize web interface.
  • Fixed overlapping page requests causing web interface errors.
  • Changed circular buffer system to be more efficient.
  • Fixed connection issues when connection is active for long periods of time by resetting connection.
  • Fixed date conversion errors causing incorrect scheduling