How To Automate Chicken Heat Lamps Tutorial

Learn How To Automate Chicken Heat Lamps with this Quick Video Tutorial


I'm raising baby chicks. In the day my back room would get too hot, and at night it freezes. I got tired of turning on and off the heat lamp, and so I decided to automate the process. I used a soil temperature sensor, with a VegeHub WiFi Sensor hub and an AgriSwitch. The heat lamp plugs into the AgriSwitch.

When it's too cold it will turn on a the heat lamp, and in the afternoon when it's too warm it will turn it off.

I can also get a text message if the temperature goes out of bounds. For example if the heat lamp burns out, which they often do.

Here are some parts that I used to build the system:

Contact me if you have any questions on how to set up your own automated chicken heat lamp system.