Light Sensors

Brass 1 in Hall-Effect Flow Sensor

LT150 Light Sensor

With the LT150 light sensor you'll be able to determine if your plants are getting enough or too much light. With its innovative design it's easily mountable anywhere. It measures from 0 to 150,000 Lux and can be read by nearly any data logger. When used with our VegeHub you'll be able to track seasonal light patterns on your computer or phone's web browser over time.

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Brass 1/2 in Hall-Effect Flow Sensor

VG-DARK Darkness Sensor

The VG-DARK is a highly sensitive darkness sensor, which will saturate with very low levels of light. It is primarily used as a darkness sensor that will trigger a VegeHub WIFI Sensor Hub when there is light. It can be used to detect sunrise or sunset. Because it is designed to saturate with low levels of light, it's not recommended for use as a general purpose light sensor. Use the LT150 Instead.

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