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Wifi Darkness Sensor

The VG-DARK is a highly sensitive light sensor, which will saturate with very low levels of light. It is primarily used as a darkness sensor that will trigger a VegeHub WIFI Sensor Hub when there is light. It can be used to detect sunrise or sunset. It can be installed in a cabinet or dark room, and be used to detect when a door has been opened letting in light.

Because it is designed to saturate with low levels of light, it's not recommended for use as a general purpose light sensor. For a linear, general purpose light sensor see our LT150 Light Sensors

VegeHub WiFi Sensor Hub - Applications

  • Crop Steering.
  • Sunrise or sunset detector.
  • Cabinet door detector.
  • Dark room alarm.
  • Greenhouse Automation.

VegeHub WiFi Sensor Hub - Features

  • Easily integrates with the VegeHub WIFI sensor hub.
  • Low Power
  • Easy to mount and compact.
  • Uses internal voltage Regulator.

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    VG-DARK Darkness Sensor - Specifications

    Power consumption 4uA at 9V.
    Supply voltage 4 to 24V supply
    Dimensions See drawing below.
    Output voltage range. 0 to 3.0V
    Operational temperature -40°C to 85°C
    Cable Length 3" (6cm)
    Enclosure Material 3D Printed PLA.

    VG-DARK Darkness Sensor - Dimensions

    VG-DARK Darkness Sensor Dimensions

    VG-DARK Darkness Sensor Wiring Table

    Wire Color Description
    Red Positive Terminal: 3.5V to 20 VDC.
    Black OUT: (Non-Linear: 0 to 3V where 0V is Dark)
    Bare Ground
    Wifi Darkness Sensor with Sensor Hub

    Darkness Sensor with VegeHub. (VegeHub is sold separately.)

    VG-DARK Darkness Sensor - Setup with VegeHub

    Use the following VegeHub Settings with the Darkness sensor.

    Wifi Darkness Sensor Hub Settings
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