About Vegetronix

Located in the Rocky Mountains of Utah, Vegetronix was founded in 2008 for the purpose of commercializing a new soil moisture sensor technology. Prior to the Vegetronix soil moisture probes, soil moisture sensors where bulky, and expensive, making them prohibitive to the mass commercial market.

Since the advent of our first soil moisture sensor, we have added several other innovative agricultural electronics product lines which include water level sensors, SDI-12 protocol translators, data loggers, irrigation controllers, and controllers, and flow control devices.

Water conservation is becoming increasingly important, as world population grows, and global warming concerns are raised. Vegetronix is poised to to be a world leader in the water conservation movement.

Vegetronix is in business to bring soil water measurement and conservation to the masses. Every sprinkler and irrigation system in the world can now afford to implement water saving technology.

Goblin Valley