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Soil Moisture Sensors Our highly accurate VH400 series soil moisture sensors are ultra low cost, and low power.
Liquid Level Sensors Our AquaPlumb series of water level sensors have no mechanical parts, and allow you to accurately measure liquid levels in reservoirs and in natural water features.
Soil Temperature Sensors Our soil temperature sensors are linear, low power and low cost. You'll never want to use a thermistor based sensor again.
Relative Humidity (RH) Sensors Our soil relative humidity (RH) sensors measure the moisture in the air. Their output is a linear voltage 0 to 3 Volts. They are low power, affordable, and come in an easy to mount plastic box.
Wifi Sensor Hub Start streaming your sensor data to your favorite website with our VegeHub Wifi Garden Hub. The ultra low-cost VegeHub can be setup in minutes, is optimized for long battery life, and works will all vegetronix sensors.
Relay Boards We offer a variety of soil relay boards which convert the output of a soil moisture sensor into a contact closure suitable for control of pumps, irrigation systems, home and automation systems.
Digital Soil Moisture Meters Our break through soil moisture meters are used by professionals, but are low cost so that any home gardener can afford them.
Data Loggers and Readers Our data loggers/readers allow users to remotely gather data, or directly read soil moisture sensors using a host computer.
SDI-12 Protocol Products We offer low cost SDI-12 data loggers, protocol translators, and engines that allow you to turn any analog sensor into an SDI-12 compliant sensor.
Flow Sensors You can monitor your water usage with our flow sensors. This allows you to compute costs, and detect leaks in your watering systems. Using other Vegetronix agricultural building blocks, you can create complex systems to monitor your water usage, and receive texts and email alerts when your water usage is out of normal range.
Light Sensors Our light sensor saturates at low levels of light, enabling it to be used as a darkness sensor.
Pumps Automatically feed and water your plants with our low-cost variable flow dosing pumps. Our pumps are perfect for controlling nutrients in aquaponics systems, and aquariums.
Accessories We offer accessories such as probe cable wire for extending the length of the standard 2M cable that comes with the VG400 probes.