How To Receive Alerts When your Chicken Water Tank is Low

By Tim the Techno-Gardener

Never Forget To Refill Chicken Water Tanks: Water Level Sensor with Alerts


My 7 year old son has a dozen chickens that he takes care of, and sells eggs to neighbors.

While he’s very responsible for his age, sometimes he forgets to refill the chicken’s water tank, and we’ve had some close calls. I often too busy to follow up with him, and so I’m installing a smart water tank sensor so that I can get text and email notifications if the tank ever gets too low.

I’m using a Vegetronix AquaPlumb water level sensor, and a VegeHub wifi logger to send me text and email messages.

While most water level gauges are float based; they only tell you if the tank is full or empty, the AquaPlumb measure over the entire depth of the tank.

The VegeHub reads the sensor’s voltage, and sends it to the free agricultural data aggregation site, and sends me a message if there is a problem. The AquaPlumb measures the water level with a simple piece of wire. As the water level changes the output voltage of the sensor changes proportionally.

Here are some parts that I used to build the system:

Contact me if you have any questions on how to set up your own automated chicken water tank alert system.