How To Automate Your Grow Lights Tutorial

Learn How To Automate Your Grow Lights with this Quick Video Tutorial

Grow Light Automation Details

Just like us plants need to sleep. They need extended periods of darkness.

I learned this from John Ott who was a pioneer in time laps photography, who observed the effects of light and light spectrum and darkness on plants and other organisms. He could see that chloroform in plants, would cycle differently when plants were deprived of darkness.

Turn on and off grow lights is a pain, so I created my own automated system to turn off my grow lights that I'm using with my seed starts.

I use a VegeHub Wifi Controller paired with an AgriSwitch. The VegeHub controller can turn on and off at set times, in my case 8am and 8pm, or it can be synchronized to outside light with a LT150 light sensor

Here are some parts that I used to build the system:

Contact me if you have any questions on how to set up your own automated grow light system.