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Libelium WaspMote- Zigbee wireless sensor network.


ZigSense® wireless nodes were successfully tested with a combination of Vegetronix soil moisture sensors and soil temperature sensors. Wireless sensors provide the grower with incredible flexibility when selecting the sensor location, or when moving the sensor to a new location is needed. Since ZigSense® are wireless, all expenses related to rewiring of cables are reduced to nil dollars.

The simplicity of adding other sensors to the wireless nodes and the built in standard communications interface to other AG systems or a standard PC make the ZigSense® system one of the most flexible AG monitoring and control systems currently available on the market.

ZigSense® is a line of wireless sensors utilizing ZigBee® mesh network technology as its core communications channel. Australian designed and made, ZigSense® wireless nodes establish a self-healing network of spatially distributed sensors that cooperatively monitor physical and environmental conditions. Data can be transferred to standard SCADA, PLC and HMI stations via a specially developed ZigSense® gateway.

ZigSense® wireless nodes are built into a small robust polycarbonate IP65 enclosure. Designed for low power consumption, the nodes utilise sleep mode to operate under battery power for a prolonged period of time. Each ZigSense® node can be interfaced to multiple sensors including general IO devices and serial links.

A communications gateway links between the wireless network of ZigSense® sensors and standard monitoring and control systems. A ZigSense® gateway uses Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP protocols as its default communications link.

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