Run wires into water proof boxes Buy Now

Run wires into water proof boxes. Buy Now

PG9 Cable Gland

PG9 Cable Gland

Provides Strain Relief

Threads: M15 x 1.5mm

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Cable Range: 4-8mm


  • Low cost.
  • Provides strain relief.


  • Create water tight electrical boxes.
  • Crop Steering.

PG9 Cable Gland Details

Cable glands are used to pass cables through plates or the sides of waterproof boxes, without compromising the seal. They also provide strain relief.

The package comes with 10 pieces.

If you are drilling and then threading the hole with a tap, use a 13.5mm (17/32") drill bit, and thread with a M15 x 1.5mm tap. If you are passing the gland through a hole, and fastening with a nut use a 15mm (37/64") drill bit.

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Part Number Description Price Purchase
CABLE-GLAND-PG9 PG9 Cable gland. Comes with 10 pieces. Buy Now


Color White
Threads M15 x 1.5mm
Waterproof Rating IP67
Cable Range Diameter 4mm to 8mm
Material Nylon
Tap Hole Drill Bit 13.5mm (17/32")
Pass Hole Drill Bit 15mm (37/64")

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