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The VG-EYE is a highly sensitive light sensor, which will saturate with very low levels of light. It is primarily used as a mailbox sensor that will trigger a VegeHub WIFI sensor hub when the door to a mailbox is opened.

Because it is designed to saturate with low levels of light, it's not recommended for use as a general purpose light sensor.

To properly work in a mailbox, the inside the mailbox it must be completely dark. Some mailboxes such as those made of white plastic, will not be dark enough, and so the sensor will not transistion properly. If the door is made of white plastic, black duct tape can be placed on the inside to make it opaque to light, as a work around.

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VegeHub WiFi Sensor Hub - Applications

  • Home automation.
  • Mail arrival detection.
  • Dark room alarm.

VegeHub WiFi Sensor Hub - Features

  • Easily integrates with the VegeHub WIFI sensor hub.
  • Low Power
  • Easy to mount and compact.
  • Uses internal voltage Regulator.

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    Pricing and Ordering Info

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    VG-EYE Mailbox light sensor. $9.95 Buy Now

    VG-EYE Mailbox Sensor - Specifications

    Power consumption 4uA at 9V.
    Supply voltage 4 to 24V supply
    Dimensions See drawing below.
    Output voltage range. 0 to 3.0V
    Operational temperature -40°C to 85°C
    Cable Length 6cm
    Enclosure Material 3D Printed PLA.

    VG-EYE Mailbox Sensor - Dimensions

    VG-EYE Mailbox Sensor Dimensions
    Wifi Mailbox Sensor with Sensor Hub

    Mailbox Sensor with VegeHub. (VegeHub is sold separately.)

    VG-EYE Mailbox Sensor - Setup with VegeHub

    Use the following VegeHub Settings with the mailbox sensor.

    Wifi Mailbox Sensor Hub Settings

    VG-EYE Mailbox Sensor - Troubleshooting

    • The sensor and VegeHub work fine outside of the Mailbox, but when it is placed inside it stops working.

      If your mailbox is metal, then the radio from the VegeHub will be blocked. You will need to place the VegeHub outside of the mailbox,and drill a hole to run a cable from the hub to the sensor inside of the box.

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