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AA Battery holders

These AA battery holders come in 3 different sizes 6V (4 slots), 9V (6 slots), and 12V (8 slots). They have a 9V battery snap clip interface, and come with a clip with red and black wires, so they can be used instead of 9V batteries for applications that require more power.

They can be used with our Wifi products, data loggers, and latching relay, and other battery operated products.

Battery Considerations

Not all batteries types act the same in different environmental conditions. For example alkaline batteries do not do well in cold temperatures.

For temperature extremes Lithium Ion batteries are best, with a typical range of -40°C to 60°C. If you need off the shelf disposible batteries we recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, which can be purchased at any grocery or hardware store. These AA batteries have a 3500mAh capacity.

The 9V pack is recommended for our WIFI products.

VegeHub WiFi Sensor Hub - Features

  • Three different sizes to choose from.
  • 9V battery clip interface.
  • Low cost.

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    Part Number Description Price Purchase
    BH-AA-6V Battery holder, 6V, 4 AA $4.95 Buy Now
    BH-AA-9V Battery holder, 9V, 6 AA $5.45 Buy Now
    BH-AA-12V Battery holder, 12V, 8 AA $5.95 Buy Now

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