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Universal Door and Gate Sensor

Universal Door and Gate Sensor

Highly Sensitive Limit Switch

Lever Can Flip 180°

Configure for Normally Open/Close

Easy to Mount Adhesive Tape on Back

Contact Closure Output

Comes With 24" (60cm) Cable

Get Notified when You have Mail

(75 Second Video)

Universal Door and Gate Sensor Features

  • Easily mounts to any door or gate with included tape.
  • Easily integrates with our VegeHub WiFi Sensor Hub.
  • Low cost.
  • The small size makes it unnoticeable.
  • Can be configured as normally open, or normally closed.
  • The internal limit switch can be rotated 180 degrees to match any door configuration.

Universal Door and Gate Sensor Applications

  • Crop Steering.
  • Mailbox detector.
  • Detect when your livestock gates have been left open.
  • Detect open windows and doors.

Universal Door and Gate Sensor Details

Prevent theft and loss of livestock with a universal door and gate sensor. Detect when any door or gate is opened in your house, yard or your farm.

Get Emails and Text Alerts

When used with our WiFi Sensor Hub you can get email or text notifications of when doors are opened or closed, warned if livestock gates are left open, or even tell you when your mail has arrived when used as a mailbox sensor.

Universally Configurable

The VG-SWITCH is a conveniently packaged contact closure limit switch, which can be easily mounted with it's adhesive tape, or with screws. It can be configured as normally open or normally closed, by swapping the position on an internal jumper. Likewise the direction of the trigger bar can be rotated 180 degrees, so that it can be mounted to any side of a door or gate. It is enclosed in a 3D printed environmentally friendly PLA enclosure, and includes a 24 inch (61cm) cable.

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VG-SWITCH Wifi Mailbox Sensor

When used with the VG-HUB, you can detect when mail has arrived.

VG-SWITCH limit switch for gates and doors

VG-SWITCH - Door and Gate Sensor Ordering Info

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Part Number Description Price Purchase
VG-SWITCH Universal door and gate detector sensor Buy Now

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VG-SWITCH - Specifications

Dimensions See drawing below.
Operational temperature -40°C to 85°C
Cable Length 24" (61cm)
Enclosure Material Environmentally friendly PLA.

Universal Door and Gate Sensor Dimensions

VG-SWITCH dimensions

Universal Door and Gate Sensor - Configuration

The contacts of the switch can be changed between normally open and normally closed, by removing the 4 screws and opening the enclosure, and sliding the jumper to the appropriate terminals. Likewise the limit switch can be rotated 180 degrees when the enclosure is opened. The actuator should be configured such that it is parallel to the movement of the door.

Universal Door and Gate Sensor - Setup with VegeHub

Use the following wiring table to connect the door sensor to a hub.

Terminal Block Pin Wire Color Description
2 Black OUT
3 Bare GND

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VG-SWITCH limit switch for gates and doors

Mount Anywhere with Sensor's Adhesive Tape.

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