VG-SPRINKLER - Firmware Version Notes

Version Date Changes
1.0 1/1/2021 First Production Release.
1.1 2/8/2021
  • Changed the socket system so that it manages sockets better. It no longer interrupt legitimate requests in progress for anything other than a full new request. This means transmissions no longer get interrupted by Chrome sending duplicate requests or speculative sockets, and makes the web interface much more reliable.
  • Added start of user activity after provisioning, so that you don't have to push the button to get it going. Just added for convenience.
  • Fixed bug that was giving a battery power slot to AC board updates.
  • Fixed bug where USB drive could be removed in such a way that the board would not turn off USB power, and then Latching board would never go to sleep.
1.3 6/8/2021
  • Fixed watchdog being cleared incorrectly
  • Fixed possible race condition when resetting WINC
  • Moved to using improved ftoa()
  • Moved to using improved time-to-string framework
  • Fixed Safari failing to display program buttons correctly
  • Fixed Safari not supporting input type = time
  • Changed wording on valve conditions to make it less ambiguous
  • Fixed bug that locked the web interface after an API test
  • Made manual control send immediate updates to the server when the user turns valves off and on
  • Fixed bug where range values were not being retrieved from the settings stored on the server correctly
  • Added further validation to some fields in the web form so that Safari doesn't let people just enter whatever they want.
  • Added a find/replace for non-standard quotation marks in the Data Key.
  • Fixed bug that could reset clocks and cause errors when a USB drive was inserted.
  • Fixed several bugs in displaying web interface for Safari
  • Added scheduled and calculated times for next program execution
  • Added name of next and previous programs to the main page
  • Added additional time retrieval method that gets called if NTP servers fail. This one just uses an HTTP api, so it shouldn't be blocked by firewalls. It also gets called every time the user interacts with the web interface, for as long as the time isn't set.
  • Fixed bug that caused settings from the server to process incorrectly.
  • Added option for settings to be grabbed from server for new key, regardless of timestamps.
  • Made the USB only program the WINC when the board first starts up
  • USB now checks voltage on latching boards before it will program WINC
  • WINC programming is now handled better, so that the WINC is more reliably put into programming mode without having to press any extra buttons on startup.
1.3.1 6/28/2021
  • Fixed bugs that occur when wifi is spotty.
1.3.2 7/16/2021
  • Fixed resetting during provisioning.
  • Fixed provisioning when coming out of sleep.
  • Fixed writing to thumb drives after sleep.
1.3.4 4/18/2022
  • Fixed bug in the schedule override timer that ran every hour. It was getting cleared before it sent the request for the schedule overrides, so the connection was on, but nothing needed to use it, then there was nothing to turn it off, and the board sat in a limbo state until something else happened to reset the board or to actually use the connection and then turn it off.
  • Stopped the sending of the battery voltage with checks for schedule overrides to decrease excess data.
  • Added check option so that latching unit can be always powered.
1.3.5 3/20/2023
  • Fixed bug in URL validation for custom servers.
  • Fixed bug where static IP could not be disabled after it had been set up.
  • Changed backup time server to faster alternative.
  • Fixed problem where AC sprinkler was going to sleep when it shouldn't have.
  • Fixed bug in number conversion functions overrunning buffer that could cause hard fault if a number was too long.
  • Fixed bug that wouldn't save settings when switching from a custom server to a VegeCloud server.