VegeHub - Diagnostic LEDs

There are three LEDs on the VegeHub/VegeSprinkler, These will turn on or blink in combinations, depending upon the state, or error code of the hub. The following flow diagram shows the various states of the hub, and corresponding LED patterns.

  • Error 1: The board is not completing startup. This is usually caused by low voltage.
  • Error 2: Failed to connect to the WiFi network. This usually means that you need to provision the board and enter your network's login credentials. See the section on provisioning for more information.
  • Error 3: Failed to get network time. This usually happens when the NIST time servers are down or when the local network does not have access to the internet.
  • Error 4: Failed to connect to server.

    Most likely this means your API key that you entered in the hub settings is no correct. This key should match the "Write Api Key" for the hub you've created in Vegecloud.

    If you aren't connecting to, it could also indicated that you are connecting to a server that uses a different set of TSL certificates, and the board needs to be updated with new certificates. See the section on flashing certificates for more information.