VegeHub - Get Your IP Address With Fing

We recommend that you find the IP address using a thumb drive, instead of this method. See the Quick Start Guide for directions.

Before doing this step make sure you Hub is connected to your WiFi Network.

VegeHub Device Setup LED

  1. Hold the "Device Setup" button down until its LED turns on. This place it in device setup mode. After 5 minutes, it will revert back into normal mode, and the "Device Setup LED", will turn off. Please note that if the "Device Setup" LED is not turned on, you will not be able to access the "Device Setup" web page.
  2. Determine the IP address that your network has assigned to your VegeHub. There are several ways to do this. You can download an app for your phone or computer, access the device list on your router, or you can connect to the device using a USB cable.
    • Option 1 (Recommended): Using a computer or phone connected to the same network as the VegeHub, find the IP address of the VegeHub. The phone app for Fing works well. In the list search for a device that has the host name you entered during the WiFi setups step. The device will have the manufacturer listed as "Newport Media". If there are many devices displayed, then look for a device in the list that has the same MAC Address as listed on the white sticker on the WiFi Module.

      Fing Screenshot

      In this example screen shot, you would note that the ip address of the VegeHub is
    • Option 2: You can also get a list of connected devices by accessing your router's connected device page. The IP address of each device will be displayed.

Now that you know the IP Address of your Hub. See the Quick Start Guide for directions on the rest of the configuration.