VegeHub Root Certificate Manual

In order to connect to a server using secure https, the VegeHub needs to have the correct root certificates installed for the particular server that it wants to access. The VegeHub has several of the most common root certificates factory installed for common IOT cloud servers, and so it is unlikely that you will need to update the certificates on your vegehub, unless you are targeting your own server.

In order to put new certificates on the VegeHub you will need the certificate flashing tool and an internet connected Windows computer. The tool can be downloaded here: After you've installed the program follow these steps:

  1. Plug a USB cable with a micro-USB end into the VegeHub, then plug the other end into your computer. The computer should try to automatically install the drivers for the VegeHub. If the drivers don't install automatically, please see the USB Manual to install them.
  2. Now open the certificate flashing tool. In the text box at the top of the page, type the web address or IP of the site to retrieve the certificate from, then push the Fetch button. You can put in more sites, just push Fetch after each one.
  3. Select the COM port that corresponds to the VegeHub. If you don't know which COM port is assigned to your VegeHub, you can unplug it from the computer and press "Refresh List" to see which one disappears. Then plug it back in, press "Refresh List" again, and select the correct COM port.
  4. With the COM port selected and certificates ready, the Upload Certificates button should appear. When you click it,if everything is set up right, you should get a progress bar and, after a few seconds, a message that the upload has succeeded. Now your VegeHub should be able to connect to any site using the certificate(s) you uploaded.


  • If certificates do not download, make sure that you have an active connection to the internet. This is required to retrieve the certificates from the desired website.
  • If uploading the certificates fails, make sure that you have selected the correct COM port.
  • Make sure no other program is connected to the VegeHub's COM port.
  • It is possible to have too many certificates loaded into the device. This may give you an error. In this case, you must reduce the number.