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Relay Board Selector

Since, VG400 soil moisture probes return low voltage analog signals proportional to water content, by themselves they can't turn on alarms, or interface directly to irrigation valves. For this reason, Vegetronix offers a variety of relay boards which can be used in a multitude of control applications.

Each of the boards have LED indicators to indicate power, and the state of the relay.  Each board has either a solid state relay (TRIAC), or a mechanical relay.  All of the boards have terminal blocks for easy connection, including a dedicated terminal block for connecting to our soil moisture sensors.  

A simple jumper switch selects whether the relays closes contacts or opens contacts with moisture detection. The on/off threshold is set with a variable resistor, which is tunable with a small screw driver. 

These boards are tailored for Vegetronix sensors, but can be used with any analog sensor that is powered from 5V. 

The solid state relays are intended for driving AC loads only. The mechanical relay boards can drive either AC or DC loads, and require an DC power source. 

The latching relay board is perfect for controlling low power latching sprinkler valves. Because it draws only a few µA,  it can be run for nearly a year from a single 9V battery. 





Price $35.95 $39.95 $59.95
Input Voltage 0 to 24 AC 0 to 24V DC 0 to 24V DC
Relay Type TRIAC Mechanical Mechanical Latching
Relay Load .6A 600V AC only 5A at 250VAC OR DC 10A at 250V AC or DC
Suitable for battery operation No No Yes
Typical Power      (65µA)
Applications Sprinkler valves.  Pumps, Automation, Control Remote control, Low power battery operated valves, Control of latching Valves.
Board Size 1.75"x1.75" (4.445cm x 4.445) 1.75"x1.75" (4.445cm x 4.445) 2.0"x1.75" (5.08cm x 4.445)


VG-RELAY-AC: AC Relay Board

This board is perfect for controlling traditional sprinkler valves or other AC loads such as low power pumps. It interfaces directly to Vegetronix soil moisture sensors.  It can be wired in series to valves and block watering events from a valve clock.  In addition, since it is AC powered it can directly draw it's power from the clock.  It has 2 LEDs to indicate that the board has power, and the on/off state of the relay.  It is not recommended for DC or high power loads. See more...

VG-RELAY-DC: DC Relay Board

This board is the most general purpose relay board because it can drive either AC or DC loads up to 5A.  It interfaces directly to Vegetronix soil moisture sensors.  It is powered from a DC source.  It has 2 LEDs to indicate that the board has power, and the on/off state of the relay. See more...

VG-RELAY-LATCH: DC Latching Relay Board

This board is perfect for blocking irrigation clock pulses to latching valves.

Drawing only 60uA during normal operation, this board is perfect for applications where battery life is critical. Because it uses a low power latching relay, it only requires a brief pulse of current to update the state of the relay. It has 2 LEDs to indicate that the board has power, and the on/off state of the relay. For low power mode the LEDs can be disabled with a simple jumper switch. See more...

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