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How to Transfer HyperTerminal to Higher Versions of Windows

For our products that use communication software programs to communicate with a PC we recommend using windows HyperTerminal. We only provide technical support if you are using HyperTerminal, because it makes it easier for us to narrow down potential problems, if there are any issues. Fortunately, HyperTerminal is free and easy to obtain.

HyperTerminal consists of just two files: "hypertrm.dll" and "hypertrm.exe". These need to be located on an XP machine. They are typically in the Windows/System32 and Program Files/WindowsNT folders.

Just copy these two files over to the Vista machine into a single folder. Run Hypertrm from the run prompt, or click on hypertrm.exe in the folder.

File Name Location in XP
hypertrm.exe Program Files/WindowsNT
hypertrm.dll Windows/System32

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