VegeSprinkler Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a way to access the settings page on the hub, without opening the box, and pressing the button, so that the yellow LED comes on?

Yes. You don't need to open the box. just unplug the battery and reapply power. When the power is cycled the hub will turn on the yellow LED, and serve up the settings pages. It will stay in this mode for about 5 minutes, and then go back into sleep mode.

How often does the VegeSprinkler hub contact the server?

Whenever a valve transitions on/off the VegeSprinkler will contact the server, if it has not contacted the server in the last 5 minutes. The VegeSprinkler has a 5 minute lockout period, so that it can only contact the server once in a 5 minute interval. The valve status is saved for each transition, and these transitions are sent together, the next time the VegeSprinkler contacts the server.

As an example, if you're turning on valves on/off rapidly from control tab in the VegeSprinkler settings, then the first time that you toggle the valve, the VegeSprinkler will contact the server, and update the status of that valve, however, the other transitions will not be sent immediately, because of the 5 minute lockout time. However, after 5 minutes, the next time the valve transitions, all of the saved valve transitions will be sent to the server.

Can I update the VegeSprinkler Hub through VegeCloud?

Yes, but the changes are not immediate. The hub sleeps most of the time, and periodically logs into the VegeCloud server, to see if there are any updates to its settings. So the settings are only updated when, it logs into the server. See the next question to find out when the VegeSprinkler logs into the server.

When does the VegeSprinkler log into the VegeCloud Server?

The VegeSprinkler wakes up and contacts the server when any of the following events occur:

  • The hub is powered up, after being turned off.
  • A valve is scheduled to change states.
  • The user presses the update button in the settings page of the Hub.
  • The user presses the update button on the hub (green LED comes on).
  • A 24 hour period has passed.